Check Out Our New Look!

You may have noticed a change online, on our social feeds and on shelves. We're excited to officially announce that we've got a fresh new look, which will be hitting stores throughout Western Canada over the coming weeks. With no change to the brews within, our new look is clean, crisp and bold, and is set to transition across their entire product portfolio.

Why the refresh? It might surprise you that our previous packaging has been on shelves and in coolers for four years. In this new world of craft beer, where trends change, categories evolve, and beer-styles take off, it was time for a fresh new look. Choosing which direction to go in however, was as challenging as picking your favourite Fernie brew.

If you’ve seen the Craft Beer segment at your local liquor store, you’re likely to find a sea of cans and bottles competing for consumer attention. These crowded shelves are filled with packaging ranging from the loud and hectic, to the minimal and sleek. We were positioned somewhere in the middle, and needed to find our own way to stand out from the crowd. At the heart of this rebrand was our desire to align our packaging with our mountain town and culture and truly convey who we are. Being located in the small-mountain town of Fernie, an outdoor-enthusiasts paradise, it really is who we are, it’s why we live here, why we brew what we brew, and our packaging needed to wholeheartedly reflect this. 

In Fernie, you’ll find an abundance of toques, plaid-shirts and trucker hats along with world-class fly-fishing, epic mountain biking, running and hiking trails, and 20+ feet of annual snowfall. As such, as a community-minded Brewery, we took the leap to replace our individual illustrations with a single, bold mountain ridgeline, based off the well-known Mount Hosmer – the dramatic backdrop to our Brewery. We've chosen to accompany the Fernie mountain scene with a description on each can or bottle, detailing unique ingredients and the connection to Fernie’s mountain culture.


With just a few seconds to catch consumers’ attention, we quickly realized the need to keep our brands in their existing colour spectrum, transitioning our well-known colour blocking into a more neutral trio of tones. You'll see that our flagship Project 9® Pils, has remained a bright teal, First Trax® Brown continues to hold true to brown and Hit the Deck™ Hazy IPA stays strong with nautical blues. 

While rebranding is never a simple task, it can definitely be a fun one! We spent hours researching and working with our design team at Brandever, to come up with just the right concept that fit our products and company culture. Having over 25 beer styles, we poured through colours and re-wrote beer blurbs, to make sure that each was the perfect fit. We feel the end result is clean, crisp and a true representation of both the beer within, and us as a company.

With this large overhaul taking place, it was a chance to make a couple of other updates. Our new cans have a matte finish to them – which is pleasing on the eye and to the touch, while paralleling the award-winning, premium quality of our beer. We also took the opportunity to update a couple of names, which perhaps weren’t the right fit. Faithful Fernie consumers may notice a couple of changes – our Pumpkin Brown Ale has been renamed Ghostrider™ Pumpkin Brown Ale, in reference to the local legend of the Ghostrider. We've also tweaked the name of our West Coast Pale, which is now called Campout™ West Coast Pale, (formerly Base Camp).


Conveniently launching at a distinct change in season, there are also a few new products to look out for, along with a format change to our popular IPA Series – which has made the consumer-driven change from bombers to tall cans. Stratus™ Hazy IPA is a new beer, and the first to be released in this new packaging format. As with the majority of our products, the new 4-packs are available throughout BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, at select liquor stores.

Wherever you find us, just remember it’s been “Crafted for you by bike-riding, powder-chasing Fernie folk. Bring us along on your next adventure.”