Fall is for Fresh Hops


For those who have the pleasure of calling Fernie home year-round, it is common knowledge that our little mountain town thrives in the fall. The streets are quiet, the trails transform with shades of yellow and orange, and the river is still full of fish. Cooler mornings, warm cozy sweaters and the excitement of winter slowly starts to replace the long days of summer. For beer lovers, the arrival of fall means something completely different. The changing of seasons signifies Fresh Hop brews are on their way. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this style of beer but love refreshing and hoppy brews this may just be your new favourite fall treat. True to its name, our Fresh Hop Pale Ale is dry hopped which results in fresh floral, spicy, and citrus characteristics with a distinctive hop aroma and bitterness. As part of our Seasonal Series, this exciting new release adds an unexpected freshness to fall.


The Rundown

Fresh hopped beers aim to showcase a different aspect of hoppiness, relying on highlighting the crisp fresh flavours that do not overload the senses. In comparison to typical hoppy beers, a fresh hopped beer showcases the delicate and is reminiscent of newly cut grass, or citrus that has been just peeled. Yep. We are talking that fresh. The key to achieving this bright flavour is timing. In order to earn the “Fresh Hop” status, the hops must be picked, transported, and brewed within a 24 hour window. This usually means a long, sleepless night for brewers but the final product is undoubtedly worth it. The complex process of creating a fresh hop beer means that it is brewed in smaller batches, making this seasonal treat even more exclusive. If you see some on the shelves chances are they won’t be there long so make sure to snap it up if you want to be sipping some this fall.





Our Hops

With craft beer growing in popularity, the demand for quality local BC hops is increasing. Luckily for us, Fernie Brewing Company happens to be in close enough proximity to a small farm in Skookumchuck BC that allows a Fresh Hop brew to be feasible. Red Tractor Farms is a family run, sustainable farm owned by Jim Sidorchuk and Tracy Bruns, who capitalized on the fertile soil in Skookumchuk and began harvesting hops on their 2-acre hopyard. The pair’s hard work pays off with the production of the mighty Cascade hop, which is the star of this crisp Pale Ale. Partnering with Red Tractor Farms in 2016, Fernie Brewing Company produced their first ever locally grown Fresh Hop beer that was available exclusively on draught. Following a successful reception of the maiden brew, we were hooked on the hops, and our team has worked hard to produce the Fresh Hop Pale Ale that will now be available on tap, as well as 650ml bottles. This means that you will be able to take it home with you and enjoy our fresh local brew, wherever you happen to be. 

Available in local stores and launching in our Tasting Room this week, this refreshing Pale Ale will be available on tap, and in 650ml bottles in BC and Alberta until limited supplies last!