Our “Cheers to Charity!” Program hits $100,000 and Counting!

With over 29 recipients since its inception in December 2013, we are proud to announce that our “Cheers to Charity!” (CTC) Fund has now passed the $100,000 mark. This week we proudly handed over a cheque for $5,265 to our most recent recipient, the Elk River Alliance, bringing this year’s total to $27,643 and the total donations to date to $101,843. A huge benchmark, solidifying the success of this locally brewed initiative.

Feeling fortunate to be a part of such a supportive community, we were searching for a creative way to pay it back. As with many local businesses in our small, supportive community of Fernie, we receive hundreds of requests each year for monetary, and other, donations. Unable to fulfill them all, we were looking for a creative way to commit larger donations, with the hope of really making a difference. As such “Cheers to Charity!” was born, whereby all profits from each Sample Flight sold in our Tasting Room goes directly to a deserving group within the community.

“When we started the program, we were hoping to make a positive impact in the community by providing larger donations to local organizations. Our initial donations were under $500, but now we are regularly donating over $5,000 which has a truly meaningful impact”, says Lenka Hawrys, Marketing Communications Manager at FBC.

“We are often one of the first contributors to a project, which can really help get new projects up and running. It really has been fun seeing these projects come to fruition, like the Fernie Nordic Society Hut. Craft beer and community go hand in hand, it’s a way for our customers to make their beer count!”

A Sample Flight consists of four FBC beers, fresh from our taps, which is a great way for guests to find their FBC favourite. Plus, with up to twelve beers on tap, it’s a great way to sample a variety of brews, while drinking for a very worthy cause.



To see who’s currently on our Donation Board, past recipients and more details on our “Cheers to Charity! Fund”, head on over to Cheers to Charity.

If you are a local, Fernie organization that is looking for funding and you meet the above requirements, please apply via our Contact Us page. Unfortunately, due to the nature of our business, we can’t donate to minors, while recipients are selected based on the season, the cause and their fittingness within our CTC mandate.

With donations now topping the $100K mark, we invite you to visit our Tasting Room to help continue to make this figure grow, so drop by for a Sample Flight for a very worthy cause.