That well known Fernie saying, “Come for the winter, stay for the summer”, is finally bearing some truth. With spring appearing in the valley, and slowly making its way into the mountains, the whole of Fernie is chomping at the bit to take part in our favourite summer activities once again.

With the Elk River playing such a huge part in Fernie, fly fishing is a world-renowned and treasured activity among visitors and locals alike. As such, here at the Brewery we’ve created a perfect pack to accompany your own outdoor adventure this spring and beyond.

We welcome the Tackle Box 8-Pack Mixer.

Easy to carry and even easier to consume, this thirst-quenching 8-pack Mixer includes three different 473ml tall cans – What the Huck Huckleberry Wheat Ale, Kickstand Honey Kolsch, and Slow Drift Witbier. Each mixer pack is assembled by hand, with four cans of Huck, two cans of Kickstand, and two cans of Slow Drift. All of which are firm Fernie favourites, with their own distinct flavour and following.

What the Huck Huckleberry Wheat Ale can be easily recognized by its distinct colour. Huckleberries are native to the Rocky Mountain region and give this smooth and creamy beer a hint of purple. This year-round favourite makes a great staple in the Tackle Box Mixer pack, making up four of the eight cans.

The second of three brews in this unique Mixer is Kickstand Honey Kolsch. Made using organic honey and its own distinctive yeast, this refreshing Kolsch has a slightly sweet side. Available during the summer months only, this refreshing brew is the perfect accompaniment to summer salads or a spicy BBQ.

Last, but certainly not least is Slow Drift Witbier. With its light and citrusy flavours it pairs perfectly with many a summer activity, and is the perfect ending to our 473ml can line up. Seville orange and coriander are added to the kettle during the boil, which when combined with Belgian yeast, give Slow Drift its delicious clove and bubblegum flavours. 

Whether camping on May long weekend, breaking trail in the mountains, heading to backyard BBQ or celebrating opening day on the river, Tackle Box has everything you need to make your next outdoor adventure a thirst-quenching success!

Check out the below Tackle Box video to get you in the mood for some summer beer drinkin'...