That well known Fernie saying, “Come for the winter, stay for the summer”, is finally bearing some truth. With spring appearing in the valley, and slowly making its way into the mountains, the whole of Fernie is chomping at the bit to take part in our favourite summer activities once again. With the Elk River playing such a huge part in Fernie, fly fishing is a world-renowned and treasured activity among visitors and locals alike. As such, here at the Brewery we’ve created a perfect pack to accompany your own outdoor adventure this spring and beyond. We welcome the Tackle...Read more
Raise (a second) Glass to Spring! FBC’s Seasonal Beer Releases Part 2 With three seasonal brews already making their way into stores and onto decks throughout BC, Alberta and Manitoba, Fernie Brewing Co. has two more products lining up for a spring launch. The good news is, these two favourites are both available all summer long, so don’t be shy… First up is The Real Peel Grapefruit IPA. A light-coloured IPA, with bold citrusy and grapefruit flavours. This refreshing IPA has additions of grapefruit peel and a whole lot of citrusy hops,...Read more
Whilst news from the coast is that spring has long since arrived, local Fernie residents are surprised what each day will bring – sunshine and blue skies, torrential rain, or a few more face shots at the ski hill. Either way, spring is officially here, and as such, here at FBC, we have a plethora of returning and new seasonal brews to brighten up even the greyest of off-season skies… First up is the popular Slow Drift Witbier. Formally known as Ol’ Willy Wit, this Belgian White Ale was rebranded back in the fall of 2016, to drift into line with FBC’s other catchy...Read more
Barrel Aged Beers: A First for Fernie Brewing Before winter disappears for good, we've set out to deliver one last ode to powder days followed by a fireside porter, a final hurrah for a season well spent. It all began one year ago, when we started out on our quest to create the perfect barrel aged beer. The process began with two of our award-winning beers, Sap Sucker Maple Porter and Big Caboose Red Ale. Each beer was placed in barrels from Baillie-Grohman Estate Winery, a boutique winery in nearby Creston, BC where everything from farming to picking and sorting is done...Read more
January is flying by and so to welcome a fantastic February, it's time to launch the third IPA in our IPA Bucket List Series . Following Snowblind Belgian IPA, is Quiet Rye't - Rye IPA . An amber coloured Rye IPA, using two rye malts and a variety of hops, including Pacific Jade. Cracked peppercorns are also used, to provide a distinct pepper note. IBU – 75 and 6.7% alc./vol. Ingredients: Malt: 2 Row Pale, Munich, Carapils, Caramel...Read more
With opening day at the ski hill just a few days away, fresh snow on the ground, and more of the white stuff in the forecast, it's the perfect time to launch the second IPA in our IPA Bucket List series. Following Rockpile Red IPA, Fernie Brewing Co.'s second offering combines the traditional Belgian IPA style, with some of the newest hop varietals from Australia and New Zealand. ...Read more
With winter coming to Fernie any day now (we hope), it's time for Fernie Brewing Co.'s Black Mammoth Winter Ale to hit the town... First launched back in December 2013, this wintry brew has become one of the most popular, eagerly awaited limited release brews each year. Available this year mid-November, it's our most decadent brew – a rich, strong winter black ale. A healthy addition of chocolate malt, plus infusions of dark organic cocoa and Seville orange peel provide unique...Read more
Answering to the hop-heads one IPA at a time, our IPA Bucket List contains six distinct IPA’s, one launching every second month, each with unique flavours and characteristics. First up is Rockpile Red IPA , October 2016... Our Brewmaster selected Admiral, Ahtanum and Chinook Hops for their fine characteristics, with the use of Caramel and Crystal Malts bringing about the Malt balance in Rockpile Red IPA. Truly a profusion of flavour to entice your taste buds. It’s not for the faint of heart,...Read more
Our Pumpkin Head has become a staple for Thanksgiving and Halloween. It stems from our infamous First Trax Brown Ale, but is instead brewed with organic pumpkins, cinnamon, nutmeg and numerous spices. Resulting in a brew fit for any beer connoisseur or your average turkey aficionado. Made with Organic Pumpkins and Spices. Hops – Willamette. Unfiltered to keep the real pumpkin taste alive along with its Brown Ale roots. IBU – 13 and 5% alc./vol. Awards: Silver Medal Winner – 2014 Canadian Brewing...Read more
(Fernie, BC) – As one season simply hints at its departure, the next fast arrives. In mountainous Fernie it’s in the form of inclement weather, with dark and stormy seasonal brews to match the evening skies. Whilst cool mornings and dustings of snow appear on the mountains, inside Fernie Brewing Co. (FBC), old friends are spotted trundling down the packaging lines. It’s official, fall is here. Of course, some of the usual award-winning suspects are back. Sap...Read more