Sap Sucker Season

(Fernie, BC) – As temperatures plummet and down booties become your closest alliance, panic not, the FBC team are here to warm the cockles of your heart.  Fresh off the back of our recent Pumpkin Head – Pumpkin Brown Ale seasonal success, our brewers donned their inventive brewing thinking caps and came up with another tasty treat.

“Porter style beer came about with the Industrial Revolution in England.  A working man’s (or woman’s) beer, it’s sure to fill the void after a hard day’s skiing, er…I mean labour” says one of our brewers.  “To add to the dark malt flavor of this beer, we said what the huck and kept it Canadian eh, with a touch of pure maple syrup to create what we like to call Sap Sucker”.

This time we opted for a robust Maple Porter, going by the name of Sap Sucker, which started its maiden voyage from the brewery to shelves throughout BC, on Friday December 5th – perfect timing for December festivities and those thirsty needs that generally accompany the season of good will.

It’s a deliciously dark and robust Porter, with a delicate but flavourful touch of maple syrup.  With few other maple products on the market and with the popularity of our existing dark beer, our Fernie First Trax Brown Ale, our new Sap Sucker – Maple Porter we hope will develop into another strong and distinctive FBC product on the shelves.

Simultaneously, FBC is also excited to announce the arrival of our new website, marketing and social networking strategies – we’re now happily facebook’ing, twittering and blogging – when not selling beer that is.  With new merchandise for sale, tour bookings, extended product information and social media, we hope our Claris Media designed site gives you a sweet taste of FBC.

So this season, look out for Sap Sucker standing proud amongst FBC’s ever growing collection of the inventively named and popular 650ml bottles family – what better way to complement Fernie’s light and fluffy snow this winter, than with a dark and delicious Porter?

And share in the spirit by raising a bottle of Fernie’s finest, whilst checking out our new website,  After all, The Griz Drinks It.

For immediate release, December 2010 – Abi Moore