Launched in the summer 2016, FBC's Trail to Ale Challenge has fast become a Fernie staple. A fun mountain and beer filled adventure, to challenge many a local or visitor to Fernie. And while a tough day on the trails awaits, the views, glory, cold beer and medal is worth every stroke or step. Please read the full details and rules below, on how to #trailtoalefernie...


The Fernie Brewing Co. “Trail to Ale” Challenge, consists of bagging three peaks, on bike or foot in any order, within a 24hr period. Open to bikers, runners or hikers, you have to get to the top of Hyperventilation, Project 9 & Swine Flu, within the 24hr time limit.

Of course you have to 'prove it' with timestamped selfies! Be sure to snap a shot when you start, then next to the 3 Trail to Ale on-trail signs, as well as at the Brewery upon finishing. Once the photographic evidence has been shared to the Tasting Room staff, you will be rewarded with a cold beer and a Trail to Ale handmade medal. The purchase of (more) salty nuts, is optional.


The challenge is open to anyone, at any time (trail conditions dependent) and challengers may start from wherever they wish. Smart planning of course would be to ensure that finish line glory coincides with the Brewery being open – to ensure the cold, crisp, craft-brewed reward can be enjoyed on the spot. Be sure to check FBC’s current opening hours before you start, to avoid a potentially very disappointing end to one of your best days on the Fernie trails!

2019 Peaks:

The 2019 Trail to Ale Challenge is now open, and back to our original route, with a sweet new climbing segment on Swine Flu...

The three peaks you have to reach, in your order of choice, are:

  • Hyperventilation (Castle Rocks area)
  • Project 9 (Fernie Provincial Park area)
  • Swine Flu (Mt. Proctor area)  *riding up the new Swine Flu climb (completed June 2019)
Total distance is between 40-55km, depending on chosen route, and over 1,200m climbing.

The Rules:

There are some rules to this. To make sure you get it right, and earn your beer and medal, please read the below:

  • The trails can be accomplished in any order, but challengers must bike or run the whole way, from start to finish – if hiking, you are allowed to drive to the trail heads. 
  • Photos need to be timestamped - whether by camera or phone!
  • You may start wherever you wish, but don't forget to take a 'kick-off' photo!
  • You must finish at the Brewery.
  • All on-course photos must include all Challengers, and the Trail to Ale signs, located at the top of each trail, and on the patio railing at the Brewery.
  • Challengers must have 5 time stamped 'prove it' photos on their phones, to show to the Tasting Room staff upon completion:

  1. START - wherever you like!
  2. Peak #1
  3. Peak #2
  4. Peak #3
  5. FINISH @ Fernie Brewing Co.

Once you've finished at the Brewery, show your 5 time stamped photos to our Tasting Room staff, and you will be rewarded with a beer and a sweet medal from Wild Wolves Design!

Who is it suitable for?

Please note: As a tough challenge on some of Fernie’s more advanced bike trails, please be sure this is within your capabilities. Extending over 45km of predominantly single track trails and with over 1,200m of climbing, you are taking on this challenge at your own risk. You need to be an intermediate/expert biker, with strong single track experience and fitness. Runners and hikers need to be experienced and prepared for a long day on the trails. Highly suggest water and food to be carried. 

Please note: Fernie Brewing Co. assumes no liability for individuals participating in the Trail to Ale Challenge. Participate at your own risk.  We highly recommend you do this with a friend, but if you’re going solo, always let a friend know where you’re going and when you’re expected to be back. Fernie is also in wildlife country. Be animal smart and know what to do if you encounter animals. For more information on how to stay safe, head to Wildsafe BC.

Lastly, please check the weather and trail conditions before you start – always respect the trails! And remember to save the beers for the finish line glory only – please play smart!

Social Media & Strava:

For further glory, challengers can share their adventure along the way, using ‪#‎trailtoalefernie #ferniestoke and @ferniebrewingco. Or if going that bit harder, and simply finishing alone is not quite enough, challengers can 'prove it' on Strava, to see how they rank amongst the best of the best.

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